organisation: Arquia Foundation, University of Columbia
location: Spain + New York
year: 2020
category: grant
team: Elida Mosquera

Arquia Foundation unanimously awarded the grant for the Grey Matter: an ecology of integrated health in the city, presented by local partner Elida Mosquera

Grey matter New York: an ecology of health integrated in the city develops further the project Grey Matter (Auby, France), which reflects on a new typology of health open to the city, awarded at the 15th edition of the international Europan competition 'Productive Cities'.

The objective of the project is to analyze the concerns about the responses that architecture and urban planning provide to the older population, by studying concrete examples, such as the intergenerational communities NORC (Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities) of New York, facilitating the understanding of the mechanisms and structures that support these successful models of integrated health ecologies in the city.

The Research Grant in New York by the Arquia Foundation and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, has as its preferred destination the University of Columbia.

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