client: Europan Netherlands, Rotterdam, Konkuranse forlslag, Europan 15
location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
year: 2019
category: urban planning, mixed used, public spaces, housing 
statut: open competition
team: local + Agencia TPBA (contributeur)
surface: 25ha

« A big roof and an active park for all »
Improving the socio-economic ecology of BoTu focuses on three types of intervention: maintaining, connecting and activating, with physical and social actions. Rather than a central fragmented condition, with an aging park and a square in doubt, we consolidate them into one significant public space. We propose unifying for diversifying, opening rooms for potential, at different scales and connected to each other in this framework. Maintaining Pier 1 with a new stepped terraced housing above, a generous light roof redefining scale and purpose of the square, a new entity, namely Pier 2 on the south. Programed and unprogrammed urban rooms for activities prioritizing sport and health supported by different actors and set across the enhanced landscaped park, more porous, green and attractive.

architecture & urbanism studio